Learn About Lyme Disease

What is Lyme Disease? What does it look like? Could you or a loved one have it? How is it treated? Learn the answers to these questions, and other startling facts about Lyme Disease.

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The “Take a Bite Out of Lyme Disease” Challenge kicks off each May for Lyme Disease Awareness Month. This challenge is both fun AND important. Ready to join in? Great! Grab a lime and get ready…

Spread Hope

You can be a Hope Spreader and Change Maker! Together we can change the future for people with Lyme! How? Read on to see how you can make a difference today.

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Stand with those with Lyme Disease who face daily challenges to diagnosis, treatment, and research. Make your tax-deductible donation today!

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The Lyme Disease Challenge in Action!

See The Challenge in Action!

Want to watch the Challenge action taking place all over the web? Here you can watch the action live....

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Just Getting Started? In Learn More About Lyme we give a brief introduction into what is Lyme Disease....

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