Lyme Challenge 90697How Can Lyme Impact My Child’s Education?

Lyme Disease and co-infections can affect the central nervous system of a child, sometimes resulting in educational challenges as well as symptoms that can appear to be behavioral. There are many resources noting the potential impact Lyme Disease may have on a child’s learning or ability to participate in an educational environment. Here are a few of those resources:

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Neuropsychological Implications of Lyme by Dr. Judith Leventhal

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Transitory Learning Disabilities and Lyme Disease

Identifying Lyme in the Schools

Lyme Disease and Cognitive Impairment: Executive Functions

Children with Lyme have been diagnosed with many of the following, which can impact education and learning:

Countries differ as to disability laws; in some countries, students can be classified as having a health condition so as to receive additional services or accommodations.

With perseverance on the part of parents and doctors, a greater number of educational organizations will begin to recognize and help to manage the effects of Lyme Disease on the education of our children. In the meantime, we must work to find the best way to educate each child who suffers from Lyme Disease, and maintain the hope that with proper medical treatment, symptoms may lessen or disappear over time.


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