Jenny Menzel is an independent graphic artist and founder of ART.THENTIC. In 2002 she developed mysterious symptoms of arthritis and chronic fatigue. After 8 years of searching for answers and relief via doctors and on her own, she finally received a Lyme Disease diagnosis and began her second leg of her healing journey. She has sampled traditional allopathic antibiotic therapy, alternative Ayurvedic therapy, Live Bee Venom therapy, physical therapy, and other holistic modalities. As she continues to repair the damage left by Lyme, she aspires to inspire others on the chronic healing journey to keep faith and motivate themselves to pave their own paths of transformation with her blog Light on Shadows.

When Jenny saw the beginning planning stages start taking shape, she happily offered to donate her design services to Melissa Bell, who she had just met on a recent tour for wellness on the east coast. She was delighted to have been able to meet the other Jenny (Buttaccio) on the team in her quest for a cure in Chicago. While she has yet to meet the other challenge contributors, she says the natural connection and comradery amongst all makes it easy to donate her time to what she feels is more than a worthy cause.