shining-kimfontI look up…

…and see us flung out there, all over the vast sky.

Each feeling alone with nothing to bring us together.

But as my eyes adjust to the light, the lines of connection draw star to star.

I see the bear and the bow and the mane.

We each are are stars with our own light,
but together we make the fierce Ursa, Leo and Orion.

Don’t stop shining – without you the constellation is incomplete.

Why a Challenge?

Because those suffering from Lyme Disease and co-infections are challenged in all aspects of diagnosis, treatment, and research funding.

Our Vision

The international Lyme Community has united for the purpose of planning and executing the Lyme Disease Challenge – a grassroots effort to spread Lyme Disease awareness. Although there are a staggering number of individuals impacted by Lyme Disease, an estimated 329,000 new cases per year in the United States alone, the Lyme community is fragmented with hundreds of groups around the world. We are doing our part to bring these groups and individuals together.

By working together our voice is both louder and stronger.

While our primary goal in this campaign is to spread awareness, through our combined efforts, we recognize that we also have a unique opportunity to raise funding as well. The Lyme community has selected International Lyme and Associated Diseases (ILADS) to receive all raised funds. All the donations will be accepted by ILADEF, ILADS’s 501(c)(3) educational fund.